How does Association Insurance Specialists stack up with your current agent?


Does your Agent combine pricing, service, technology, and innovativeness like AIS? Why not compare?


We have strength in Florida with a "Top 100 Agencies Ranking" for USA by Insurance Journal Magazine 5 years in a row! 

We have experience insuring Florida Properties since 1939.

Our Clients' can have a dedicated, protected, custom Web Site Personalized for no cost to you!

Protect the Directors by covering the PERSONAL risks Directors take by serving on their Boards.

Special Claims Response to lower YOUR costs with our "Jump on it!" Claims Program.

Utilizing the most aggressive methods possible to lower your insurance costs. What is your current Agent's plan?

24/7/365 Live Service at 877-440-2479. We are there when you need us.


Keep all your Documents, records, and contingency planning on your site.

How about what you need, when you need it? Proof of coverage anytime.

See your Real Estate Portfolio in real time, when you want it. Add or remove properties as needed.

We give back 12% Flood premium each year, every single year.

Discover our 2 Exclusive Special Programs by clicking below:

Association Insurance Specialists

One Beach Drive • Second Floor • St. Petersburg, FL 33701


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