Save Money on Out-of-Pocket Expenses with Disaster Planning

The Little Number that Means Big Money

that 3% means $600,000 of your money..."If your condo association has a low 3% Hurricane Deductible, and your building is insured for $20 million dollars, that 3% means $600,000 of your money. And that’s what you have to pay before you receive any money on your insurance claim.

The better you plan ahead, the less you pay out of pocket.


  • Faster response on repairs and recovery.
  • Better preparation of property and buildings.
  • Potentially less risk and less damage with proper review and planning ahead of time.

Disaster Planning Pays

When it comes to your out-of-pocket expenses, it pays to plan ahead. The better your plan, the less you pay on out-of-pocket expenses.

Our insurance and risk management includes

  • Priority Claims and Response – Our claims partners put you at the front of the line for repairs and recovery.
  • Property Review and Assessment - Onsite property review by an expert contractor to uncover risks ahead of time.
  • Custom Disaster Plan – We create a custom plan for your disaster recovery.
  • Lower Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Reduced Claims by Better Planning – Better planning means fewer claims so you save money.

What has Your agent done about your Expensive Little Number?

Most insurance companies use big dollar numbers to explain what they cover, but they use small numbers to explain your deductable…a percentage. So you get a nice looking proposal and a toll-free number. But when disaster strikes, you’re left paying your out-of-pocket expenses.

What has your current insurance company done to help you prepare for disaster?

What have they done to help you reduce your out-of-pocket expense?

Disaster Planning with Association Insurance Specialists

More than just a proposal, we’ll help you get ready with a property review and a custom disaster plan. And if a storm ever strikes, you’ll have priority with our claims and recovery partners.

Association Insurance Specialists

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