Directors and Officers:
Let an Agency work for you that appreciates your challenges

We specialize in associations. We know how to make your job as easy as possible, and we work to educate you to make the right decisions.

In Florida as a Director and Officer you take PERSONAL risk and responsibility for the decisions you make.

By working with Association Insurance Speciailists, you protect YOURSELF and your Association.

How is your current Agent protecting you?

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is the Insurance Industry’s solution to your personal risk. Unfortunately, there is no “standard” policy out there. All the policies are “manuscripted” by the Insurance Carriers.

The Facts are:

  • No Directors and Officers policies are created equal. There is no “standard” form.
  • Most Agents don’t take the time to educate themselves on this complex policy.
  • Most Boards and Associations overlook this because the premiums are low.

Because this protects YOU PERSONALLY, you should work with an Agency that “gets it”. AIS will provide you a checklist on how the Insurance Carriers will protect you and also advise you as to why over 56% of the D&O Policies we see exclude the most common claims!

And much more….including how we advise addressing that Dangerous little number.

In addition, by working with Association Insurance Specialists, you get:

  • Silver Platter Service
  • Jump on It! Claims response
  • Follow the Leader Pricing 

Association Insurance Specialists

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